our Story

Having been a life long game player, playing the likes of Risk, Dungeon, and Dungeons and Dragons, Bill Sininger embarked on a life of gaming. In College he was Vice President of his games club at St. Cloud State. Bill’s love for gaming increased and as he had less chance to play he became more fascinated in how the mechanics of games worked. In 2008 Bill embarked on his game design career with the creation of Flapjacks and Sasquatches. Bill self printed in St. Cloud and sold through local game shops and at game conventions. Knowing that he couldn’t do it alone and that he would have to increase the quality of the game components he asked John Harris to join Prolific Games.

John is a dice chucking, meeple moving, and card drawing madman. John started much the same way Bill did in his gaming career with early RPG’s and war games. John came aboard and they looked for a way to publish their first game in distribution. They found a young site that sounded too good to be true, Kickstarter. The boys put their game up on Kickstarter and hoped and prayed. A year or so before Bill had sent the game to Wil Wheat, pre-board-game-king, because he liked Wil’s blog and knew Wil was a gamer. As the kickstarter hit a low Wil Wheaton tweeted out that Flapjacks was a fun game and people should check it out. The people did. Flapjacks and Sasquatches 2nd edition became a reality. Now about 7,000 copies later and six games later the guys are still producing games.