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We at Prolific Games are constantly trying to create fun and engaging games. We believe in quality games with quality parts.

Flapjacks and Sasquatches: Company Store

In the newest expansion for Flapjacks and Sasquatches the lumberjacks have an opportunity to shop at the Company Store. They can buy new items, hire help but must also watch out for that tricky sasquatch. If you’re doing a great job chopping trees you can earn yourself some wooden nickles.

Space Vikings From Ice Planet Skal!

A space vikings life is one of freezing space, harsh planets, horrible monsters and GLORY! Space vikings is a dice worker placement game where players use their dice to battle monsters and gain bonuses or glory. At the end of the campaign the space viking with the most glory will be King of Skal!

Smugglers of Alabrixen

Alabrixen is the steam punk city of the future and you are a smuggler just trying to make your way. The city is facing an impending attack from the horde that is the Collective. Alabrixen is not prepared and has decided to send some of it’s best captains off to spy and slow down the Collective. Unfortunately the council knows it is suicide and will not outfit the captains. The captains have now turned to the villainous scum they once chased to smuggle the goods they need. Round up the goods for the captains, complete contracts and collect your money before they are shipped off to war.